Owner's Note

I'd like to acknowledge and introduce you to the man responsible for all the smoked products we make, this is my handsome hubby Bob Whaley. He developed the cold smoking apparatus that we use to smoke sugar, salt and pepper and Garlic. Tis wondrous so be sure and try them all.

I am half Italian half Creole and started this company officially while recovering from Cancer treatment. As owner and Cancer survivor I became very aware of what my body needed and what it really reacted badly to in the way of food. It became very clear that it was not my imagination,  the food had indeed changed. Things I had always eaten and thought were healthy were suddenly horrifying on their listed ingredients, I couldn't pronounce half of them. Then, it occured to me that others might want to eat pure seasonings not laced with chemicles and fillers too, like the seasonings I have made for my family and friends all my life. Lightbulb!

I create original seasonings and cold smoked products as well as an extensive no salt line. The Southwest seasonings are an influence from early years in the high desert before moving away 20 years ago. The company is named after the Sandia De Christo Mountain range in New Mexico.

Sandia Spice is dedicated to bringing a change to the seasoning industry with pure products. They contain absolutely no fillers, no artificial ingredients, no de-clumping or anti-caking chemicals, no silicon dioxide, no modified starches, and no MSG. Not only are our products pure seasonings they are economical because a little bit goes a long way! Our Rub sugars are USDA certified organic, No GMO verified, and Fairtrade. We use Sea Salt and Koshered Salt in our Rubs.

Sandia Spice uses the best herbs and spices available purchased from local farmers here in Idaho and in Hatch New Mexico. Our Mediterranean and East Indian herbs are all fair trade, No GMO verified and as fresh as possible. We hope you enjoy our products and we are looking forward to sharing recipes with you. We currently grow approximately 35% of our herbs and constantly working to grow more of what we make.

Our standard line of seasonings are No Salt recipes and are perfect for the Paleo Diet, South Beach Diet, Eat-Clean Diet, Low Sodium or No Salt Diets, and for anyone with allergies or sensitivities to fillers and chemicals. These no salt seasonings give cooks complete control over how much or how little salt is used in their recipes. 

Sandia Spice Company is located in beautiful Coeur D'Alene, Idaho as of the first of June. 
Take as much care with choosing your seasonings as you do with choosing quality meats, dairy, fruits, and vegetables. We choose to make our seasonings pure to honor the food that farmers and ranchers produce to nurture us. We pride ourselves on being part of the clean movement, our policy is if we can't pronounce it we don't eat it!
Background & Philosophy
About the Company
Great Grandmother Maria Verona 
The Women that influenced and raised me in and out of the kitchen, they will always have my gratitude and respect.
Grandma Mary Mora Bordignon
Jacque Bordignon Whaley, owner
Ellen Ellis
Mother Alice Joann Bordignon
Sandia Spice Company
Love Idaho!
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This is our Panhandle Health License for anyone wanting to view our legal distribution of products info. 
Winter 2023 Schedule 

We are now available at Tim's Special Cut Meats in Post Falls. Not our full line.
We are also available at Rathdrum Trading Post.
We are proud of this award.
Thank you to all our customers.