Recipes with Chicken 
This recipe is simple, fast, and elegant. Your family will be impressed with the speed of the meal being so delicious. Throw in potatoes and make a salad for a complete nutritious and well balanced meal.
This recipe is an all time favorite in my household. It's not only super delicious but freezes well for up to 3 months. This is a hearty casserole and can be made with the Roasted Garlic Chicken recipe (using a whole bird).
You wont have a better taco anywhere than in your own home using your Roasted Garlic Chicken. This is easy fast and makes you an expert in the Cosina fast!
Enchiladas are fast, easy and delicious to make any night of the week. Learn how to steam soften your tortillas instead of using oil with this recipe.
This recipe takes the old fashioned recipe to new heights with Sandia Spice Seasoning in the mayonnaise. Mixture keeps for a couple of days in the fridge but leftovers are very rare!
Cowgirl Tacos New Mexico Style
These are simple but oh so very yummy. Try this simple salad on your tacos or tostadas and you'll know what we mean by Capital D licious!
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