Beef Recipes
Machaca (Mexican Shredded Beef)
This recipe works well on Pork roast as well. It's tried and true recipe that will be a staple in your kitchen because it stretches meet far in the tastiest ways.
This is an easy and delicious way to roast a chuck roast or pork roast. From this recipe you can make many other meals from or a Sunday dinner with potatoes, carrots and a salad. We have used our new steak rub on chuck roast and it is the best ever!
This is an awesome recipe for Steak Fajita Quesadillas. It's easy and better than any restaurant can make for you. You can use your Garlic Roasted Chicken in this recipe instead of steak; the method is sound for any meat.
How about a delicious twist to a traditional meatloaf? This standard is a standout with your favorite Sandia Spice Seasonings.
Enchiladas are fast, easy and delicious to make any night of the week. Learn how to steam soften your tortillas instead of using oil with this recipe.
Zesty Burgers
No special trick here, just add your favorite Sandia Spice seasoning to either the top and bottom of your burger pattie or mix it in before you make the patties, either way it's great!
From the Italian side of my family comes the wonderful deep flavors of Palermo in our meat sauce. This is a step by step with pictures. Vegetarians can make this wonderful sauce by eliminating the meats. Bon Apetito!
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