Lemon Yummies
This is truly a Party cake, feeding 1 inch slices will serve approximately 30 people. Always a surprise to serve an ugly cake that tastes like heaven!
$40.00 order 1 week ahead of when you need it.
Cake Size Options
Lemon Pound Cake Loaf is perfect for anytime or any occasion. These cakes are made old world Italian style, rubbing the zest into the sugar then folding the pulp into the batter right before baking. Wonderful as a gift. $15 per loaf
Coffee Cake $25
This is an old fashioned sour cream style coffee cake. Simply delicious.
I make an awesome lemon pie but local only. $25 by request only.
Texas Sheet Cake with Cocoa buttercream on cupcakes or Cocoa Boiled frosting on sheetcake.
$25 per sheetcake or dozen cupcakes.
Honey Graham Crackers $25 per roll. These are made with specially ground white young wheat for these crackers. The honey is from Bonner's Ferry beesĀ 
I make a wonderful Harvey Wallbanger cake that has Galiano and Vodka in it for that holiday kick. $25 per Bundt cake.
These are one of my specialties, Toscas. They are simply delicious and a childhood favorite of mine. Almond paste is the star of this confection. $25 per order (1 pan)
Blueberry Cupcakes: Uncommonly good $12.00 for 4 cupcakes.
The famous lemon pound cake can be made into these pretty cupcakes with lemon buttercream. $12.00 for a 4 pack.
You guessed it, I'm Italian and love to bake! I use only the best ingredients from our local area. Italians are famous for their balanced baked goods, never too sweet. We also incorporate the whole fruit when making lemon or orange cakes. Although my repertoire is extensive, I offer the following for as time permits.
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Amish Coconut Cookies. $12 dozen
These are a coconut lovers dream! I use Bob's Redmill unsweetened coconut in this old recipe and you'll never go back to macaroons after tasting these.
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